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First of all, you may be wondering how I know I am a mutant and if you can be one too.  Good question. Genetic testing proved part of my 22nd chromosome is missing. I had to have what is called a FISH test to find this information out. But it was worthwhile.  If you suspect you or a member of your family might be a mutant, refer them to a geneticist.

The results discovered that  specifically portion 22q11.2 of my genetic sequencing was missing. It is also known as  DiGeorge Syndrome. Contrary to what you’ve heard on Grey’s Anatomy or other media, it is not a death sentence.  

I live in Kansas City, Missouri with my furry sidekick, Robin and my wonderful husband.  

One other aside: I don’t hate tea anymore!  In fact, quite the opposite. I’m having tea with honey in my favorite NCIS mug. 

Times have changed, what can I say.